External painting

Exterior Painters and Decoratores from Schneider Improvements have the specialist knowledge and nessesary experience to complete any external painting and decorating project. We ensure to complete your project on time and within budget. We guarantee excellent results every time. If you’re looking for specialist painter and decorator Glasgow and surrounding area then Schneider Improvements is the perfect choice for you.

We have two main reasons why we are doing exterior painting – protection and decoration.

Outdated decor and faded paint are visible signs that your house needs a makeover and the services of a professional painter and decorator. One of the most satisfy projects you can do is to give charm to your house with a new masonry exterior paint. A good decoration will not only make your house the proudest and the most beautiful on the street, but primarily protect from the all elements. In this way you can save the higher cost repairs in the future. A new, high-quality external paint will definitely increase the value of your house, so if You want to sell your properity, you should consider hiring our professional painter. The first impression is extremely important and this also applies to our home. Most estate agents will stress that the most important is first 15 seconds when a prospective buyer approaches your home

Jobs like exterior painting are best left to professionals Painters and Decorators 

Primarily, You can avoid the stress – if You do the painting and decorating by yourself, you risk making costly mistakes that can waste a lot of time and unfortunately – money. Your painting and decorating job will be able to finish in a reasonable time.

We have the experience – we are not called ‘professionals’ for nothing. We have a lot of experience in providing services, so we can deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction at every exterior painting job.

We are insured – Professional painters and decorators have public liability insurance, so You don’t need to worry.  We work with ladders and scaffoldings depending on what is better for your project – our local painters and decorators are trained at working at heights and work only in the safe manner.

Preparation to external painting is key to success.

We use the suitable application tools and preparation products – that makes the exterior painting is easier. Results are longer lasting and more aesthetic – is achieved by the paint, which creating a barrier against moisture, wind and the adverse effects of UV and allows you to get a individual, desirable color.

Before we proceed exterior painting, all surfaces must be clean and dry. We complete all stripping and rubbing down so that dust and flakes will not fall on wet surfaces. From obvious reason, new surfaces will usually require less preparation than older.

We always plan the order of painting – starting at the top, we’re painting sections working from right to left or left to right. We work across the house: top, the middle and at the end – lower part. We follow the sun – then surfaces are free from dew. We don’t paint in direct sunlight as this can lead to blistering whilst drying. Our Painters and Decorators team always consider about the weather outside to make sure that paint will dry effectively – this will affect the end results of painting and decorating.

The choice of colors is very important for the final effect – especially in the case of external painting and decorating, because your choice will be visible to everyone.

Proffesional painters and decorators will provide chose the right one paints and materials. We are keen to advise on which materials will be appropriate.  It is also important to choose the correct type of paint – we only use the materials that we feel are right for your projects.

Surfaces will be:

  • Extra durable
  • Dirt resistant
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof

We recommend that newly painted walls be supplemented with accent colors. Painting window sills, window sashes, door frames or even the entrance gate – all this will improve the overall look of your home. When choosing a paint color, we recommend to buy a tester pot. In this way, you can try new look before investing in the full project. The colours always are influenced by the daylight, position of your property and natural light. Colors can affect our good mood, bring back good memories, but also contribute to bad mood or headache. This is the reason why we have to think carefully about the choice of the color of external painting.

We will help You to get the exterior masonry paint job done on the maximum level with the minimum of effort and time.

Exterior Painting Services:

  • Evaluate Conditions: we examine the entire surface of your house to find problems such as peeling paint, damp, mould, holes in the walls and a lot of other problems.
  • Weatherproof exterior wall coatings
  • House painting and decorating Glasgow
  • Protective & decorative wall coverings
  • Masonry painting
  • Shop fronts painting
  • Windows/sash windows painting
  • Doors painting
  • Garden’s furniture painting
  • Gutter and downpipes painting
  • Fencing painting
  • Gates painting

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